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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Indoor Meets Outdoors Camp Grounds

When I was a young girl I would go camping with my dad and he would find a nice wooded area and parked the truck and camper right there and that is where we camped.  Well today thing have really changed.  Many families have nice tents, pull campers and motor homes with all the amenities.  There is also the community of glamping...Glamorous Camping.
Can you imagine paying $700 to camp for one night?  Well in this article you will see what some people will pay for when it comes to glamping.  Knowing what to pack is the hardest part.  The abundant amount of luxury amenities will blow your mind.

Not being from the city I guess I never thought about getting out for a night of camping.  Reading this article makes me realize that camping is the greatest way to unwind, so why not do it in luxury.

Would love to hear from you if glamping is a joy of yours.

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